Cosmetic active, or natural colouring agent for make-up.
Takesumi powder is extremely fine and will satisfy all your beauty needs.

It's extremely fine consistency has excellent purifying and detoxifying virtues make the skin clear and the complexion luminous.


Non-abrasive, takesumi can be used to whiten teeth.

Its anti-bacterial and odour-absorbing properties make it a key ingredient in deodorants.

Use as a cosmetic active ingredient :

add 1/2 teaspoon of takesumi powder in your washing care products. (masks, cleansing gel, shampoo, shower gel.

For the manufacture of deodorants, add 2 to 5% takesumi to the composition.

Use as a tooth whitener :

Pour a pinch of powder on your toothpaste or directly on the toothbrush. (twice a week)

Use for bathing :

Mineralize and reduce the limescale in the bath water while detoxifying the skin. Dip a bag of takesumi (50g) in the bath water.

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